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Are your meetings making the best use of everyone’s time? Are they engaging everyone in the room?  Do you find yourself caught between facilitating and participating?

We do the work of meeting design and facilitation so that you can focus on contributing when and where it matters the most.  Our expertise in facilitation results in:

Dynamic meetings focused on the right content so you can accomplish your goals without wasting anyone’s time.
Skillful managing of group dynamics to engage full participation from everyone.
Honest conversations so that you can quickly get to the heart of the matter.
A greater ability to surface assumptions and navigate diverse viewpoints.

We support organizations in the skillful design and facilitation of:

Board and staff retreats
Stakeholder and network meetings
Strategy sessions
Focus groups

What Clients Say...

Among the most impressive things Amanda did as our facilitator was balance the elements that she knew we’d need while adapting the agenda to meet our concerns. That kind of flexibility has been hard to find in a facilitator. She was great “day of” as well, adjusting with the group while keeping us on task and moving forward. The project she helped launch went smoothly and opened new doors which we have been pursuing.
Will Schneider, Slingshot Fund
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