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360 Assessments

We don’t always know what we don’t know.

Organizational and leadership blindspots can inadvertently get in the way of our ability to lead effectively.   Assessments provide us with a new lens to see ourselves and our work.

We are skilled in the use of 3 assessments to support greater insight and understanding in your leadership:

The 360 Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
The Rockwood Leadership 360
Interpersonal Leadership Styles

These assessments can be used individually, with a team or organization, or as part of a leadership program to:

Develop your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Create a personal learning plan for your growth and development
Increase understanding of different leadership styles amongst team members
Learn how to better flex and adapt to the unique strengths and styles of your colleagues

What Clients Say...

Just Vision hired Amanda Silver to oversee the internal 360-degree evaluation process for our entire staff.  She did a brilliant job from start to finish. Without exception, members of our diverse team spoke highly their one-on-one conversations with Amanda, and found her input to be extremely constructive. I will definitely hire her in the future and could not recommend her more highly to work with a team as its members focus on performance, goal-setting and results.
Ronit Avni, Entrepreneur, media strategist, executive
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